📚 Installation

This installation process should take no more than 5 minutes if followed and done correctly.

Getting Started

Extract your script zip file which you've downloaded from CodeCanyon/Codester

Version 1.x users need to clean install this script with new database, there's no backward compatibility.

1. Prepare the database

  1. Create a new Database User for the upcoming new database (optional)

  2. Create a new Database

  3. Prepare the Database Host, Name, Username, and Password for the upcoming steps.

2. Upload the product

Upload the content of the script/ folder on your web host.

The product can be uploaded either on a subdomain or domain depending on your needs.

Make sure you uploaded the .htaccess file! This file is found inside of the script folder and it may appear hidden on your pc and if not uploaded, it will produce a 404 Error on any link you click on the website.

3. Prepare the product files

You need to set the permissions (CHMOD) of the following files/folders to either 755, 775, or 777 which will depend on your actual server.

  • /lite/config/*.php (all files in this directory)

  • /assets/uploads/

  • /storage/videos/

4. Start the installation process

  1. Access the product on your website and access the /install path. (ex: https://yourdomain.com/install)

  2. Follow the steps in the installation process

  3. You can now access the website and login with your admin account

5. Change Assets

For changing logo open \assets\images\logos\ and replace logo.png & logo-wide.png image file with your own

Change Site Favicon

For changing favicon open \assets\images\ and replace favicon.jpg image file with your own

Change Site Cover

For changing cover open \assets\images\ and replace cover.jpg image file with your own

Cover image is often used when someone shares site url on social media sites like Facebook.

You're Almost Done!

Admin Account Credentials:

Url: https://yourdomain.com/admin/